Silence. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but it was hard letting out the words ‘Yes I want you here more often’, so he tried to say what he could and it came out like, “Yes, fine whatever.”

"Alright, alright." Indirect as ever. He wondered briefly if Kyouya actually found it hard to say what he wanted — though that wasn’t the case when it came to fights, right? Whenever he wanted to fight someone, he just directly challenges them. Hmm. He supposes he still has a lot to learn about this curious little Skylark.


He had no idea what Dino was talking about when he was asked if he wanted to. Wanted to..what? “What do you mean, do I want to? Make sense, so I know what you’re talking about.”

"I’m asking if you want me to come here more often," He repeated. "Since you were implying that I don’t come here enough to your liking."


Regardless of the fact that Dino was right, so long as nothing was said between them, Kyoya altogether didn’t care if they’d had a fight or not, so long as the don’s presence was always there. “Tch, whatever..” he mumbled, without relaying that information to Dino. He was so stubborn and couldn’t quite say these things.

"But if you insist, I’ll come by more often…" He smiled and stood up, walking over to lean on the table. "Do you want to? Though, I can’t promise I’ll be here all the time."


Typical it would be turned back on him. Though the fact that they saw each other elsewhere had nothing to do with this. “Not often enough!” he growled.

"Not enough?" He echoed back. "I’ve noted that we start fighting when we spend too much time together… So I thought some space would be okay and healthy, for us. "


Kyoya was thankful for his own discipline. It was probably the only thing keeping him from biting the poor fool to death right now. “I asked what took so long, not why you’re here. Try listening stupid horse.”

"Well, this is the only time you called for me," He answered swiftly. "And anyway, we see each other often, just not here… Don’t we?" He grinned.


Why was it that the don before him was so dense? “It has nothing to do with Namimori,” he said attempting to calm down. “What took you so long?” he asked not caring with how direct he was being at this point. Dino was one to answer his questions anyway.

"What took me so long…?" He blinked. "To what?" He paused for a bit and realized the Skylark was pertaining to his absence. "Well… You kind of called me out, didn’t you? So here I am."

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=w= I’m still struggling. XD

Well, my Chem/Physics teacher had free summer classes these summer, and I just felt like having lessons in advance because I don’t have anything else to do. :3 I’m taking reviews for entrance exams too, since I’m one year away now for college. XD

Ohh. That’s nice! Oh and good luck, whenever you’re gonna take those entrance exams. o u o)b This year is my graduating year so I’m pretty nervous too. uwu Good luck to the both of us.

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